7 Benefits of Spa You Must Know

A surprising number of people have never taken a spa bath, and you should definitely seek to fix this mistake if you are a part of this group. While a visit to the spa is very enjoyable on its own, there are plenty of benefits, which a single spa session can grant you. Some of these will affect your well-being, while others have a drastic impact on one’s health as well.

It Helps Cleanse Your Body

The spa can be very similar to a very hot shower – it will open up the pores of your skin, and allow water to penetrate and clean them. This gets rid not just of dirt, but also of toxins that could be the reason for various skin conditions such as acne, oily skin, and others. Detoxification via spa can make your skin shinier than usual, without the need for expensive cosmetics.

Aches and Pains May be a Thing of the Past

Water is known to have a relaxing effect on bodies, and the spa bath is no exception. The sense of relaxation and cleanliness will help relieve minor aches, and even injuries. It is not news that many athletes are advised to visit the spa during their recovery period.

It Strengthens Your Heart

When you submerge your body in water, the weight of the water will apply some pressure to your whole body. This causes the cardiovascular system to work harder to compensate for the outside pressure, therefore enhancing its health and efficiency. Think of this as a very light ‘cardiovascular exercise,’ which requires nothing else but relaxing in hot water.

Spa Baths Can Improve Sleep

Remember those great sleep sessions you had when you were fully relaxed and worry-free? Spa baths can recreate this by helping your body relax, and relieving stress. Needless to say, the other services offered at the spa are also very helpful when it comes to relieving stress, and enhancing sleep. Of course, whatever you do, make sure not to fall asleep in the spa bath as this may ruin the experience.

Spas May Help Chronic Diseases like Diabetes

A study involving people suffering from type 2 diabetes showed that regular spa visitors had reduced levels of blood sugar and glucose, therefore reducing the effect diabetes had on the organism. Surprisingly, spa sessions can treat another condition related to diabetes – obesity. Just 30 minutes at the spa, five-six days a week may help lose up to 3-4 pounds of weight a month.

Spas Boost Mental Health

Improving your mood is bound to have a positive impact on your mental health, and this is the reason why many people are recommended to go to the spa whenever they feel stressed or in a bad mental state. If you have a big life event coming soon, then you may consider a visit to the spa beforehand to relieve stress, and improve confidence and mental health.

Spa May Help Treat High Blood Pressure

A study performed by reputable researchers showed that patients with high blood pressure tended to have better results after a visit to the spa. Spa baths are recommended to people suffering from hypertension or other heart-related diseases – of course, it is not a form of treatment, and it should be used in combination with other advice from a specialist.