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About Us

Who are we? Who are we?

Spaspa.in is India’s Spa Blogsite. For any spa treatment, we have the information you need. Our team of spa specialists write thorough benefits and precautions for every type of message therapy and skin care treatments. The knowledge we provide to customers through our articles enables them to to take right decisions towards self health care. With this way,  we build accountability in the spa environment.


In 2012, our platform database was created with inputs from multiple wellness centers and clients in order to ease spa searching for you. At spaspa.in, we know how critical it is to find detailed specifics of any spa facility. Our devoted staff operates around the clock, guiding you to choose the right institution, from traditional relaxation classes to advanced holistic therapies.

Our goal

For two key reasons Spaspa.in was built. Spaspa.in lets clients select the best care at the right location at the right moment by offering the most up-to-date and appropriate details about all spas. Spaspa.in, therefore, accelerates the development of spas and beauty centers through stressing their unmatched qualities and by encouraging their channels with advantageous ads. At Spa India, in particular, we think that the stronger the services and deals are, the more they are worth showing our general public.


Clients Reviews

Luxury place for those who appreciate professional help with their body and asthetic cosmetology. I personally love this place, and will be recommending it to all of my friends. Thank you for the amazing massage, it has really taken away the pain in my back and left me feeling relaxed!
Sandy Jones